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About The MOVIE


About Fifty Shades Freed

Country: United States

Year: 2018

Category: Drama, Romance, Thriller

Release Date: 9 February, 2018

Director: James Foley

Starring: Kim Basinger, Arielle Kebbel, Dakota Johnson

Age Restriction: 18 years

Duration: 135 minutes

Budget: $80,400,00

Box Office: $160,600,00

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4 Great Reasons To Watch Fifty Shades Freed

"Fifty Shades Freed" After two years of the release of the first part, "Fifty Shades of Gray", one of the best-selling novels in the world written by E.L. James, has come to an end because it was unveiled the official trailer of "Fifty Shades Freed", third and final part of the saga.

In this, the relationship of Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and Christian Gray (Jamie Dornan) is once again threatened by enemies of the past. However, this will not prevent the couple from having their "final" happy. Directed by James Foley and produced by Michael De Luca, Dana Brunetti and Marcus Viscidi; This movie will hit the big screen in February 2018, so go include it in your Valentine's plans.

#4 A great release date: February 9, 2018

It all started with an anonymous American author who in her free time wrote fiction stories among the characters of the vampire saga "Twilight". I imagined erotic scenes between the protagonists, who wrote with many details and shared with thousands of readers through the Internet. Nobody could have guessed that his fanfiction "Fifty Shades of Gray" would become an editorial phenomenon on its own; In a few years, the author E.L. James gained international fame and his books became some of the highest grossing films around the world.

Fifty Shades Freed Development

If in "Fifty Shades of Gray" Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) accidentally meets Christian Gray (Jamie Dornan) and they begin an unexpected relationship, which includes domination and sadomasochistic In "Fifty Shades Darker" the couple consolidates their relationship before the envy of many. The third part of the story, "Fifty Shades Freed", is about to reach the big screen and a first teaser released through its social networks, gives us some clues of the plot.

Fifty Shades Freed Full Movie Storyline

"Fifty Shades Freed" In this new installment, Anastasia and Gray get married, they go on their honeymoon in different parts of Europe and embark on violent episodes of which we do not yet have many lights, only the scene of Anastasia surprisingly finding a revolver inside a drawer, and then some confusing shot sounds. Among the other details that are handled so far, it can be anticipated that Gray will feel guilty for leaving marks on the body of Anastasia. This will be the third and final installment of the saga "Fifty Shades of Gray".

Now they are husbands, but happiness is difficult when there is jealousy, enemies, twisted and a lot of money around. Universal Pictures released the official trailer for Fifty Shades Freed, where Christian Gray (Jamie Dornan) and Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) enjoy their love as much as they can. After all, happiness can not last forever.
Fifty Shades Freed is the final chapter of the Fifty Shades trilogy, focused on the love story, and submission of Anastasia Steel and Christian Gray, lover.

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